Ready to send RTI application to PIO at High Commission of India, London

The weekends and May Bank holiday has given me enough time to do more search and research to find all about the so called Right to Information Act (RTI).

I’ve finally managed to prepare the application to be sent to PIO at HCI London which I’ll be sending tomorrow by Signed for Post.

I’ll be requesting the information under followings which will require reply from PIO within 48 hours.

Application for obtaining information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 and U/s 7(1) Right to Life & Liberty

RTI Website

RTI Website

I’m requesting following details from PIO:

1) What is the exact status of my passport re issue application? I would like to know the exact cause mentioned in the Adverse status.

2) What actions I have to take from my side to resolve the issue if any?

3) About 60 days have passed and still I didn’t get my passport reissued. As per guidelines set up by Passport Rule the time taken to re issue passport shall not exceed 60 days. I would like to know explanation why I still didn’t get the passport reissued even after 60 days.

4) How much more time it will take to re issue my passport?

5) Certified copy of the “Citizens Charter” of the High Commission of Indian, London wherein time norms are set for Passport related services to Indian Citizens.

It is ironic that HCI London website,, doesn’t provide any details regarding the payment mode. However with my Googling I came to know that I can send the equivalent of INR 10 into the local currency (£) and it should be acceptable.

This is also confirmed from Indian Embassy Washington’s website which clearly says that it is possible to pay in local currency.

I’m sending a Cheque of £3 (about INR 200) to cover INR 10 fee + any other cost.

Updated – We need to attach a PO of £.50 addressed to “High Commission of India”.

I anticipate followings:

1) PIO might reject the application sighting some technical difficulties such as Payment mode or something.

2) PIO may reply with “Information Not Available” in which case I’ve already mentioned in the application to forward it to concerned authorities in India.

Finger crossed for the outcome, lets see how well educated and helpful Shri Vijay K Mehta (PIO at HCI London) could be.

3 thoughts on “Ready to send RTI application to PIO at High Commission of India, London

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  2. Grumpy – Did they ever reply? I just left a comment under your other blog explaining my case. Do you think it will be useful for me to sent and RTI application? And do they really stick to the 48 hour timelines?

    • Unbelievable but true, these motherfuckers did almost reply within 48 hours. I sent around 5 RTIs and all the time I rcvd reply within 48 hours except for 2 occasions.

      On the first occasion, my very first RTI, they didn’t see PO and then I escalated and immediately got RTI calling me asking for PO. On last occasion they also delayed and after I escalate I got reply immediately.

      So sum up RTI is the only fucking way to get any reply for these madherchoods.

      You have adverse Police report means either they couldn’t verify your address or you have got any court case pending in India.

      Send RTI to RPO in India where your passport was issued and ask the details of what adverse is in the report.

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