Mr. Nalin Surie, High Commissioner of India, Commented on my Blog Post?

I got a comment on my post which is apparently from High Commissioner of India Mr. Nalin Surie.

See the comment on following link:

I’m not sure if this comment is from Mr. Nalin Surie or someone else has posted it? There is no way to verify the authenticity of the comment left by Mr. Nalin Surie.

I did some spy work to find out about the comment and come to following conclusion

Mr. Nalin Suri's Comment

Mr. Nalin Suri’s Comment

Comment Details:

Mr. Nalin Surie's Comment on my Post

Nalin Surie

1) The e-mail mentioned in the comment is that Press & Info Wing and not that of Mr. Nalin Surie?
See for the e-mails.

2) The IP address is which is UK IP address however it differs from the IP address from which I’ve received E-mails from Mr. Vijay Mehta Second Secretary (Press & Information) /PIO and M.Subhashini – Minister(Press&Info).
the IP Addresses for E-mails are &

3) I did IP trace and found that all IPs originates from same Physical location.

So I can’t guarantee 100% that it is Mr. Nalin Surie who has commented on the blog or not.

Anyway I’m neither MI5 nor RAW and I’ve no interest in identifying the comment poster.

All I want to know from Mr. Nalin Surie is where is my Passport?

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    • Good luck mate, carry warm clothes, dome snacks, bottle of water and don’t forget your headphone and mobile. A newspaper or Book will be also helpful.

      You will have to stand 3 hours in the queue outside the embassy. Weather is not so cold but it might be chilly and nightmare standing out side under naked sky for 3 hours.

      Keep everyone updated. Hope my posts have helped you to do home work.

  1. The passport renewal process is the same everywhere. No matter which country the Indian consulate exists in, the story is similar. I have been waiting for my passport renewal to come through since APRIL 2010. I sent it to the Consulate in Houston, TX, USA and I am yet to receive any sort of correspondence. I probably should start a blog similar to yours.

    • Hi Harsh,

      I am applying for a passport renewal from CGI Houston soon and to say the least, I am terrified at the prospect after hearing your story.

      Did you go to the consulate to apply? Were there any problems with your passport? A year without any reason is too much.

    • Good luck.

      Stand in queue like beggars in front of Bharat Bhavan and then say “Saare Jahan Se Achha Hindostan Humara” and feel fucking proud of being fucked up Indian.

    • Hello everyone,

      I applied for passport renewal at CGI-Houston and got it the same day, I even managed to change my Indian address on it :). So I guess, its mostly a random process, and luck has a lot to do with it- just as anything else in India.

      I want to thank all of you here, esp. grumpy indian for scaring me into actually going to Houston and getting it done. Otherwise, I might have been stuck in the rut too.

      Thanks again,

    • Yes the update is that there is no fucking update. I’ve filed the petition in High Court Of Karnataka at Bangalore and those fucking Indian court didn’t allot a date for a petition. I filed it 2 months before.

    • No it doesn’t help. No one answers these fucking numbers, I’ve tried all numbers which I could get hold of. These fucking High commission of India clerks are deaf as well in addition to being dumb.

  2. My passport was lost/Stolen and I went to get a duplicate one in London. I had the forms completed, photocopy of passport lost, police complaint reference number, letter from my university, UKBA visa confirmation letter and an affidavit stating that I am an indian national. To my suprise the staff were arrogant and rude and asked me to get a letter from the metropolitan police saying that my passport was lost. I explained to them that my passport was lost in Liverpool and I made a complaint over the phone. The officer did not want to hear anything and asked me to report the passport lost again. I checked with the charing cross police station only to be informed that it illegal to report the same passport lost twice. I went back to HCI and explained the same to the team leader only to be thrown out. Thereafter I approached the main reception and asked for thier help the lovely lady allowed me in and I explained the situation. She agreed that if I had a police reference number that it was acceptable. She sent another gentleman by the name of Mr CHoudhry to help me out. Mr Choudry tried his best but the miserable man claiming to be the team leader refused to sign the issuing of my passport. A lot of people at HCI got involved and they atleast accepted my application and I paid the fees at the counter. I am now carrying a reciept stating that the money is paid and stating that there is no definite date that my passport will be issued. The gentleman on the counter stated it can be a month or a year or even longer. I am now without a passport in a foreign country not knowing what I can do. However this is not the end I recieved a call yesterday from the Holborn police stating that I reported that my car was broken into and that my passport was stolen. I told officer Peter that I do not own a car and that I did not report my passport stolen online. I reported it lost 10 days ago to the Liverpool police. I then called HCI to get an appoint to speak with the commissioner himself only to be told he does not see people like me as he does not have the time. I am stuck and I do not know who else to go and ask for help. I think they should start an exam like the IFS for the staff they take at the high commission they are such typical low lives who think just because they are in a position of authority they can do what they like.

    • Welcome to the party.
      I’ve no further help to offer as you have already done your part.

      Start your own blog and keep ranting.

      Here is what you should do next.
      1) File RTI to HCI London. Read my other posts on how to file RTI.
      2) If you don’t get any favourable reply then file a write petition in the High Court in the state where your passport was initially.
      Show urgency in write petition or else fucking Indian High Court will delay the Write Petition by 6-12 months itself.

      Request High court to instruct MEA to issue your passport urgently.

      Report all the events in Writ Petition and get these fucking clerks suspended too.

  3. I applied for Re – issue of passport via a recorded first class mail to HCI London. The fees mentioned on their website is £27. I had enclosed a postal order of the same amount. Along with this I also enclosed a self – addressed recorded first class envelope (Total mail charged £11.80).

    The HCI London returned me, my application saying that Since March 2011, there is an consular surcharge of £2 for various services including Visa, Passport, OCI & PIO card. I was very annoyed to receive all the documents back for such a stupid reason, they could have easily written to me asking for additional PO of £2. Instead now I had a waster another mail charges of £11.80 (What a waste of time and money). The annoying aspect is that this ‘consular surcharge’ information is not available on the website of HCI London.

    I hope Mr. Nalin Surie is reading all this and achieving so called ‘improvement in the service’

    • Annoyed with what? getting your document returned? Don’t you read what happens to other in Passport renewal? Just wait for it when they screw your application. Learn to have patience when dealing with fucking Indian clerks.

      Why the fuck Nalin Suri will give a damn to us and our miserable situation. These fucking incompetent, product of sick, rubbish and corrupt institution called IFS, come to enjoy royal picnic in foreign land tx to the poor Indian’s hard earned tax money.

      No one gives a fucking damn to anyone in India. You are left to find your own way out of this rotten system.

      Good luck with your application and hope to see you back ;)

    • Please could you tell me how many days did they take to issue you the new passport thru post. I have just applied for re-issue of passport using postal way. One of y mate done thru post and he got his passport within 10 days.

      • I can not tell you that since I have not received my passport as yet. Seems long!!

        If one of your friend says that it took ten days then you can assume to be the same. Better wait for about 3 weeks you should get your passport by then. If you do not get it then, try to contact them by email or telephone. In most of the cases you would get positive response, the procedure for re-issue is same for everyone. You can browse through this website there is plenty information on it.

  4. I have a passport Issue with The IHC in Dubai. I thought of pursuing some higher education at Dubai as there are quite a few British and American Universities having their campuses at Dubai. However When I went to the Embassy to get my certificates vetted (as this was the requirement of the universities) they said that this service is not provided by the High commission and that for that I would have to get it done from the ministry of Home affairs in Delhi. The moment I heard this I immediately gave up the idea of pursuing further education – Thank god the IHC saved me around 35,000 AED. Then I went to get my name corrected as in my previous passport my name was Vidyasagar Rao where are all my educational certificates are Vidya Sagar Rao. To this the clerk at the IHC told me that I would have to go down to the ground floor and ask the lady who would respond to all queries. I went to the ground floor and spent around two hours and after my turn came the lady told me that I would need to go back to India and get it corrected at the Regional passport office. However I went back to the first floor and thought of trying it the second time and fortunately when I went to the first floor the second time there was a different person who looked at the problem and asked me if I had any other ID for verifying my Identification. I produced my driving License and my PAN Card at which this person provided me with a an application form and the letter was given to me so that I could go and get the passport name corrected.

    The fact remains that most of the people who work at the IHC are ignorant of what has to be done so the best thing is to shoo as many people away as possible. create as many bureaucratic hurdles as possible and make life as miserable as possible so that people would just shiver in their pyjamas at the thought of visiting the IHC. These people need to be educated and punished if their intentions are in anyway linked to making a fast buck.

  5. Dear Fellow Citizen,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having consular problems at the London, UK site. I am visiting UK in the next few days, I will bring it up with Rajesh, we will strive to serve our citizen, and can only improve our services if you give us feedback.


    • Dear Mr. Gavai,
      Tx for taking your precious time to post comment.

      The situation with HCI London is beyond under control. Merely bringing up with someone is not going to help. HCI officers create and follow their own constitutions. It seems they are having gala time in running their own little country at the Bharat Bhavan.

      I’m without a passport for past 18 months and at the end of all HCI London has refused to even acknowledge that my application is with them.

      And it is not only HCI London who is responsible of all miseries, the RPO offices in India are to be blamed too.

      Good luck with your effort and hope for good for MEA, High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates in improving services.

  6. Dear all my pricious Bhartwasi

    That Bald fat rude fellow is still there dont even bother to check documents for 1 minute even, and going crasy, what shocked me is his rude behaviour with respected elderly like our mother and father, is unaccepeted. think if someone be rude to his parents, how he would feel?

    May be he is not like that must be pressure from top which all clerks passing that strss to us, may be not satisfy with something… they have mental problem i think they need some physco therapy fire them is not solution. Must be pressure from top. OCI PIO or Visa for indian to go to india these are only for nation security, we already spend lot of money while our visit, open nri account and save money to help indian economy, than why high charges for these Gimmick,

    Honestly God bless HCI and all staff

  7. I have applied for a reissue and it’s been a month already. They are awaiting verification from an Indian city passport office. I tried to follow up with them (office in India) and they demanded 5000Rs to send ONE email/fax verification. Later they said they did not get any request. I tried to tell the HCI in London to resend the request, they are not going to, looks like. So now, I have no passport, and I need to return to India in a few weeks for my thesis. And here I am trying to coordinate between two government agencies who are put there in the first place to HELP US INDIANS. I can’t believe people treat us like shit, I used to be proud to be Indian.. Not anymore. Just want to immigrate somewhere, get a different nationality and live in PEACE!!

    That’s later.

    What should I do now? :( This is quite urgent, I even have my tickets booked!

    • To be honest you can’t do anything quick except curse your karma to be born in that fucked up country.

      Try these.

      Send RTI to both HCI London and Indian RPO ask them the status. Ask HCI why they haven’t sent the request.

      This post will help you.

      If you are lucky then this fucking Prem Chand, the Passport Officer, will send the request to RPO.

      If request is sent, then get some of your relative to bribe RPO, if you want to get quicker.

      I can’t think of any other ways to help you out.

      Good luck.

      • Thanks. I will look into it. 5000Rs bribe, they think I’m employed by the queen here or something. I’m a poor grad student!

        Who is Prem Chand?

        I sincerely hope you have received your passport by now?

        • Rs. 5k bribe or screw ur life, your choice.

          Prem Chand was the donkey who controlled the passport section in HCI when I applied.

          See this document

          38. Shri Prem Chand Attache (Eco.)

          It seems this asshole has been moved to ECO – Economics os some such shit.

          The new crook in charge of Passport division is

          40. Shri Puran Mehra Attache (Passport)

          So from HCI side this is the thug you need to deal with.

          Getting a fucking Indian passport renewed is not so easy. My case is pending for hearing in High Court. Tomorrow is the next phase of hearing.

          • Okay. So I don’t know if it was divine intervention but I got my passport reissued! I went to the HCI and met Shri Puran Mehra. He was really nice to me, even offered me chai. I was issued the passport without any verification fax/email from India within ONE WEEK.

            Have you met Mr Mehra? I hope it all works out and you get your passport soon!

            • Have a similar issue of lost passport for me. How did you fix a meeting with Puran mehra . On which telephone number could you reach him ?


              • This is what I was told – ”If it is urgent, you are advised to please come and meet the officer in person to discuss this matter at the HCI, London in person, on any working day, in the morning hours, as early as possible, to counter no. 7, after obtaining a no. 7 token. Tokens are issued from 830 AM onwards, work starts from 930 AM onwards.”

  8. Thanks a lot,Sarah. This is for my daughter who is a student in UK. In fact, she has just completed her undergraduation and was due to return two days back. She did go to counter 7 but after having filed her application, was told by the lady there that she will have to wait for atleast 2 weeks.
    Also, as a student, before you left for India, did you also manage to get the UK visa stamped on your passport after it was reissued? If yes, how long did that take?

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