Indian Passport Renewal Misery at High Commission of India London – Passport Status ADVERSE

Indian Passport Renewal - Passport Status Adverse

Indian Passport Renewal - Passport Status Adverse

Since the last call from HCI London representative I’ve been occupied with my personal life, job search and have been struggling to survive in recession time.

Passport renewal was always with me in the back of my mind constantly haunting me.

In my busy schedule I managed to get time to visit HCI London office on 28th April 2010, 53 days after I’ve submitted my application for Passport Re Issue.

This time I was ready for the chaos and have already imagined that I’ve to go through physical torture again.

I started early so that I could be there before 3:30 PM. Why 3:30 PM? On my receipt it was written that I had to visit HCI London office to collect my passport on 10th May 2010. So I assumed that their collection counter must be opening from 3:30 PM.

It was warm sunny day it was not so sunny but it was warm, in recent days Sun has been shining over London and officially Spring has arrived.

I reached at HCI London office around 3:10 PM, to my surprise there was no queue, only few Indians were scattered outside the building who I guessed could be the relatives.

I paced to the pearly gate and it was open too. I said WOW and was relaxed to know that there wouldn’t be any physical hardship of queuing outside Bharat Bhavan.

Inside there were 3-4 people guarding the pearly gate. All of them were North Indians, some of them were suited booted so I couldn’t guess if they were visitors like me or HCI workers or Chaparasis.

I stood there for some time waiting for anyone to pay attention as all of them were looking at the Security Camera screen trying to spot birds…

Eventually one paid attention and I showed the white receipt and said Passport Enquiry. He asked me to open my bag which I did. He looked in it and found pack of Sesame seed bars. Thinking that it might be “chatai Bomb” he took it out and examined closely. Disappointed after not finding anything suspicious he put it back and let me go.

Inside it was packed. Not as packed as it was on my first pilgrimage. People were sitting some standing, all confused, scene was as usual. I could here North Indians cracking jokes. All counters were closed.

Before I could march further, I found Gurkha standing near passport counter. He asked yes and I showed white receipt. He took it and trucked it below the stack of receipts he was holding.

“Yeh number laga diya hai, jab number ayega to call hoga” he muttered, I understood and proceeded to grab an empty seat towards the opt her side.

I had about 15 min tues to kill, so I got myself busy in playing my favourite Brick Breaker game while pumping bhangra.

Around 3:30 PM one of the passport counters opened and they started to call people one by one. I was lost in breaking bricks so I didn’t realize that counter is opened. After 5 minutes or so when I lifted my head to check the counter like Meerkat checks for enemies I found the show has started. I shifted to the vacant seats opposite Passport counter and waited for my turn.

Behind the counter there was another lady this time. I could see that the South Indian Buffalo (no offence to her appearance but all curse to her laziness) is doing some paper sorting inside.

Processing was quite fast. As names were being called people were being handed over an envelope with passport(s) in it.

On the adjacent counter, which was OCI counter, they were handing over the passports too. I didn’t know what the hell is OCI. I was trying to crack this another enigma code which I gave up after some effort. I knew PIO but what is OCI?

OCI stands for Overseas Citizen of India as I discovered later. I haven’t dug it deeper as I’m not interested in it at this point of time.

The scene at OCI counter was typical. People were standing in the queue despite having red tokens in their hands which were numbered. So all they had to do is to wait for their roll call and attend the counter but as usual Indians are Indians and donkey habits never fades away.

I was more tuned to OCI counter as it has some entertainment going on there rather than Passport counter which was dull.

One OCI (the new status symbol after NRI, PIO) girl forgot to collect one passport. She had to collect 4 she collected 3 she forgot one. Clerk called her and asked how many passport you have taken? 3 she replied. Check again, he barked. She realized some mistake and smiled, he handed over 4th one to her and she disappeared feeling foolish.

Around 4:00 my name was called. I went to the counter. Lady slipped back the receipt with something written on top and said “Adverse

Now what the fuck is adverse I thought and not seeing my passport I felt pissed off and sick same time.

Your passport is not ready, she replied.

I asked why what is wrong? And what action I’ve to take?

She was one of the most confused Indian clerk I’ve ever met. I’ve been observing her while sitting and found that she didn’t know anything at all about the process and she was just uttering gibberish to anyone who dared to enquire further.

Same to me as well.

“Enquire with Indian Embassy at Bangalore”, she explained further.

What? What Indian Embassy? I replied back. What the fuck she is talking about, I thought, there is no fucking Indian Embassy in India.

Before she could replied I helped her to choose an answer.

Police Station? Police Commissioner Office? Passport Office? where I’ve to enquire, I asked.

Passport Office, if you have any contact check there, she replied.

I understood, clear and loud that I’m fucked.

Before quitting I enquired about File number as I’ve been doing some reasearch to find out al about this fucking Passport Renewal process and came to know that I need a file number which is not the same as Receipt number mentioned on the white Receipt.

What is the file number, I enquired.

She pointed to the receipt number and said that is file number.

I knew that it is useless to engage her more.

Thank you, I said, and dashed out of India Bhavan.

There is only one feeling you have whenever you come out of any Indian government building and that is “sickness”. That is what I felt again.

I was disturbed and I knew life is going to be hell for me again.

At this date 02-May-2010 it is 3 days short in 2 months and my passport renewal application has gone no where The only status I know is Adverse.

Felt like “trishanku” stuck in middle of no where. I’m stateless now. Without passport I belong to no land. I’ve no identity. I can’t get a new job without renewing my VISA and I can’t get VISA without renewing Passport.

153 thoughts on “Indian Passport Renewal Misery at High Commission of India London – Passport Status ADVERSE

  1. I am going to apply for new passport in HCI Malaysia, don know wat will happen coz I have add my wife name. Quit scared buddies….

  2. I believe that the HCI in Malaysia works in similar fashion as it does here in London (I strongly a proverbial saying that wherever you go the crows are black). Not everyone faces problems in renewing the passport. So do not assume that there shall be problem as per your case. Yes it is better to know what to expect in worst case. There is plenty of information already on this blog relating to all this.

    The addition of one’s wife name is simple enough. At the time of application, you need to show them the original marriage certificate. I am very sure they do not retain it but merely use it to cross verify with the photocopied certificate. In my opinion, they do not refer the matter of ‘adding wife’s name’ to India.

  3. Hi, you have put it extremely well. It is horrible to see how unfriendly,hateful,unhelpful,rude we Indians are to our fellow Indians. I went for a renewal scheme banking on the Tatkal scheme (by paying addtional £100). I was made to feel that it is a priviledge made for kings. The lady not only harrassed me with why I wanted a Taktal passport, she made me go to a cyber cafe and get printouts of my travel details. And at the end of it all I was told my passport details were not available in their system- so one cannot be issued. What I came to know subsequently was that the ones in the front have an understanding with back office on the number of Tatkal’s they would do in a day. Although it is a paid service with no caps on the numbers. Essentially out Indian ‘babus’ dont want too much work in a given day. I have decided to surrender my Indian passport & take up a British one. Enough of patriotism for India.

    • We would love to hear in what ways your passport is screwed up and what kind of help did you get from Mr. Mukesh Kumar Pardeshi ?

  4. Hi everyone. for your kind information you can send email to Mr Muktesh kumar pardesi.chief passport officer. ministry of external affairs. new delhi.I have sent couple of complaints to him and result was positive. you can access his email address from ministry of external affairs. new delhi website.
    Good luck

  5. Dear Grumpy, my passport was expired for more than a year. After submitting all relavant documents they said come after one month. I went there after one month and they said sorry. They excused that we haven’t received clearance from RPO. After 3 months I bombarded complaint to mr Mukteshkumar and after next week I received call from hci london that you can get 1 year passport. Again I applied for further 10 years extension. So far everything is going well. My police enquiry has been finished recently in india. Hopefully I wil get my passport soon. One of my friend screwed up similar me and after sending email to Mukteshkumar he was also came out of this mess. His email address on ministry of external affairs website. Go to contact us > vigilance . He also reply the email. Best of luck. Let me know if you need further help from me. Explain whole situation to him. You may send email to some other passport officers in ministry of external affairs. Good luck

    • Tx,
      You didn’t clarify why RPO didn’t give clearance.

      Do you have any pending case in Indian court? Or was it just a police incompetency?

      Same for your friend, did he had any pending court case or again police fuck up?

  6. Dear Grumpy.
    RPO didnt process anything because they are lazy bas…..
    (2) No, I dont have any pending case in india.
    It just RPO who fucked up. But I believe that chief passport officer did send email to them to process quickly thats why they moved forward. My friend also dont have any pending case in india.I have recieved the email which chief passport officer did send to RPO. Bombard Ministry of external affairs with complaints and then lets see what happen.
    Hope this will work

    • Tx mate, that is what I guessed. Your’s was just badass RPO case that is why you manage to get help with MEA.

      Mine is totally fucked up case involving court, high court and other stuff.

      Technically a RPO can issue clearance to HCI. However these fucks in RPO wouldn’t miss any golden opportunity to screw someone’s live if it comes so easy.

      I’ve already contacted MEA long time back when I found out that HCI London has fucked up my renewal. Passport officer sent e-mail request to RPO Bangalore to send the status to HCI London but nothing happened. I even wrote this in my blog post.

      RPO can blatantly ignore MEA orders and MEA has got no balls to do anything.

      So I would say you and your friend were very lucky to get any help from MEA.

      Send some sweets to Mr Muktesh Kumar Pardesi, he seems to be a good guy.

  7. Grumpy.
    I feel so sorry for you that your are unluckiest one who screwed up in this bizzare system. When wil you get British passport ? What is the current status of Indian passport renewal ? If you don’t mind

    • Not much improved since I started this blog.

      I’m preparing to file case in the Supreme Court, just trying to collect money to feed to vultures in black coat.

      I had already filed case in the High Court but they just gave me 6 months of one way ticket to India. As I always say these fucking judges are illiterate and have no knowledge of Indian constitution.

      I hope that I can engage top Supreme Court lawyer, provided I manage to arrange shit load of money, who can convince (dumb) judges to read the constitution and allow my passport to be renewed normally for 10 years.

      Such cases have been won in the Supreme Court in the past and that is what constitution says as well. It all comes down to a fucking good lawyer to argue for the same in front of deaf judges.

      I can easily get British Citizenship but I’m not applying for it. May be I’m just too patriotic or something. I believe that giving up ur citizenship is like betraying motherland which any patriotic Indian would never do. Or may be I was a freedom fighter in my past life.. who knows, there are some situations in life which you can’t overcome no matter how hard you try.

      Let’s see how it goes.

  8. One thing I don’t understand why passport service involved court cases and other stuff with passport issuance ? That’s nothing to do with passport. I met couple of my Pakistani friends here and enqired about their system . Their passport issuance system is like getting birth certificate. So smooth and simple . Our system is nightmare. Indian system is hitlerism . Where rules applied for ordinary people not for administrative people. And we silently bearing that.

  9. Thanks Grumpy for starting this blog. I am in a similar situation. I live in the US and lost my passport. I applied for a new one at the NY Consulate and it has been three months, I still haven’t got it. Reason? Adverse police report. I mean, are you kidding me? I’ve been using this passport to come in and out of India for the past five years and you’re telling me it did not clear the verification. What a stupid system we have.

    Anyways, I’d like to thank RAFIK. I went with your suggestion and dropped an email to Mr. Muktesh. Unfortunately I got an vacation email saying I am away from my desk. Do you know if he directly replies to the emails or someone from his office could also look into the emails and help me with the case? I don’t have any court cases, I have a clean record but I’m SOL coz of this fucking adverse police report.

  10. Dear grumpy and unlucky fellow,
    Sorry to hear that you also screwed up. Let me inform you that I received my passport with 10 year validity . For adverse report in your case possibly because when CID officer visited to your house no one could be available or possibly local police expect some Gandhis from you. Keep them happy you wil get your clearance done. Also if Mukteshkumar is unavailable then visit MEA website>passport >vigilance . You will find more email addresses for passport officer , hope this wil help you. Pls update us we wil try our best to help you,

    • CID? You serious? It’s a PC (constable) of lowest rank who knocks at your door, not CID. Dude CID is for crime and not for paperwork.

  11. To unlucky fellow,
    Every consulate arrange open day every month for Indian citizens for their concerns or complaints. Pls find the date in NY consulate and meet the passport officer and raise your issue

  12. You right grumpy but in my case PC and CID both visited on saperate occasion. CID officer told my brother that I m from CID office and he showed his logo, also he is been varified by our village sarpanch.

    • I’ve to file WP in the Supreme Court, will take some time to put all shit together. Money, good lawyer, patience and paperwork. It’s stuff of lifetime.
      And I’ve to get it right as it’s my last chance or else I’m fucked for rest of life. Have to get the best SC lawyer and this shit doesn’t come easy.

      Let’s see when I get it going.

      • I personally think, you should have chosen the route of Replacement of lost Passport. For that you need to file a police complaint and show the receipts of your special delivery and the response from HCI London about not having any application pending. Atleast, that would have saved this agony of being stateless for 3 years. In India, it doesn’t always pays to fight the system, you need to go with whatever the system offers, which I call “playing it smart”.

  13. Mr Rafiq, Good Evening.
    This is Pradeep Annamalai from Sarawak Bintulu, this evening i called you regards my child passport status named as HARNISH PRADEEP around 5.45PM.
    Thanks for responding my query, as you mentioned i cant collect the passport on monday, instud me i send my brother to collect. His name is MR Elangovan( i also notified in reference names in the application form)

  14. Dear Mr Rafiq, Good Evening.

    This is Pradeep Annamalai from Sarawak Bintulu, this evening i called you regards my child passport status named as HARNISH PRADEEP around 5.45PM.
    Thanks for responding my query sir, as you mentioned i cant collect the passport on monday, instead me i send my brother to collect. His name is Mr. Elangovan(his name, i also notified in the reference in the application form sir). is’t possible to pass the passport to him sir. ?? or else my present is must??

    Dear Sir, please advice me sir, looking for your favorable answer an said matter.

    My contact No.: 0198240848 ( Dear Sir, if anyway you want to advice me..please call or text on mentioned number sir.)

    Thanking you Very much for your kindness & help sir.
    Kind Regards,

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