How much time it takes to Renew/Re Issue Indian Passport

I’ve been doing more search and research to find out how much time it really takes to re issue/renewal Indian passport.

The discovery so far is:

1) Indian Passport Act guidelines say that it should not take more than 60 days to renew/re issue Indian passport. However I’m yet to find the official document which states the timeline.

I manage to find a kind of quasi official timeline as given by Deepak Nikalje (underworld Don Chota Rajan’s brother) Lawyer’s in his passport renewal rejection case. You can see the original story on

Indian Passport

Indian Passport

See Chicago Consulate’s website

2) Most of the Consulates in USA mention duration to be max 5-7 days for in person application and maximum 45 days for postal application.

Above are the theory and probably might be practical too in some countries.

So how much time High Commission Of India London takes to renew Indian Passport?
When you apply renewal of your Passport at High Commission Of India London then forget about it after applying. You never know when they are going to renew.

In my case more than 10 months have passed and these fucking donkeys haven’t renewed my passport. Forget about Indian Passport renewal, High commission Of India, London now refuse the existence of my renewal application at all.

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  1. i want to renew my indian passport. plz tell me that how much time take for renewal of passport. my passport will expires in 4 months but for apply for visa ambassy requires 6 months expiry date..
    i want to renew fast as u fast can renew

    • Your Indian passport renewal will take anywhere between 7-20 working days depending on which consulate will process your application. That depends on which state you reside. Since your visa expires in few months, it is better to get the passport renewed ASAP. Checkout for consulate specific details on application process, documents needed and processing time.

      • Buddy in USA you don’t have any much problem with Indian Passport Renewal. You have got the cream of Indians there and if something goes wrong they make noise and get things fixed.

        The problem is only in the UK which is flooded with Indian labourers, cheap farmers, plumbers, taxi drivers and other such people, most of them are illiterate. And not only that if something goes wrong in Indian Passport Renewal at HCI London they even don’t bother to make noise. They are like donkeys. They prefer to go and stand in the fucking queue outside Indian High Commission at Aldwych since 7:00 am in the morning rather that taking action.

        I’m the first and only person in this whole fucking UK Indian community who is making noise.

        So prise the lord that He sent you to the America and not to the UK.

        • dear buddy,
          i like to know wht type of nose u made and wht result u get as i m in london and recently i went to uk passport office and reallais tht indians are seriously donkeys… i cant describe the scene over thr… some Sardars are sleeping in the passport office.. and worst part is one passport officer talking to a Senior citizen like 70 years old as if he is a pune. and i cant forgot what he told to that old man ” padhe likhe nahi ho.. padhna nahi aata … agar padhna aata hai to humara time wast mat karo… hume bahot kaam hai.” wht he meant by Kaam (work)…? why the hell he is paid for .. and one more thing i need to mention is they don’t have any dress code. some ladies wear saris and some Punjabi dress some men wears shirt and some jeans…. thy all looks like Indian pigs working in UK passport office. i used to proud on my country but now i m really ashamed that i m and Indian
          i think a lot what can i do to improve the working pattern or the system but i think i cant do anything.. but we all can … i need support or i m ready to give support to change the system.
          please let me know if u have any plane to change it.. .i m always with u … as a true Indian.

          Raj Bhatt
          0044 777 159 4025

          • You mean UK Passport office? The one which issues British Passport?


            Indian High Commission?

            I’ve never been to UK Passport Office so can’t comment.

          • u are a fucking asshole who born and brought up in India and suddenly like other countries.
            what u are trying to say that u lost your love for the country because of that..your kind of guy never love their country..they only complaints about things..

            • u are also an fucking ass hole your kind of guys will support the bloody fucking system of india and like your kind of guys who never oppose the bloody fucking system,india is no more ” sone ki chidiya”.

          • Ya
            (80% of the People are UNSATISFYING for treating the people and only 20% are happy because of family relation that’s INDIAN ADMINISTRATION OFFICES through out the WORLD WIDE)
            This is true, same thing form Houston Passport office (, I experienced same thing from the Passport officer, I hope he is stupid recommended bribery Candidate, No dress code in the office, Passport Officer wear wrinkled dress, Old man(extension services after retirement case or edge of retirement -look like above 60 with hair in ears, experience of squeezing money. and his face is full drunken yesterday night overhaul ugly face of arora, came to office at 12.30PM that’s morning visit,3 Counters, each counter having 2 small holes that’s it and rest is thick wall, we can’t see in – secrecy, the employees are staying there since long time more than 7 years as per my knowledge. I am seeing same candidates, whenever I go there.
            I tried to renewal my expired passport since June 2011 (4 months) there is no format of forms, just 1 plain paper of questions to get the form, I took the form to consulate, they said you need notary, ok again 1 week lost (because of my work). after a week again I took off to my work, I went there, they said you need Land lord notarized copy for proof of residence and 1 utility bill, first thing I am sharing with my friend in the apartment and second thing I am staying as a paying guest and I don’t pay any utilities.
            again back to home, after 2 weeks again some questions, after that they accept me application and ask me to come and collect after 14 days, when I was talk to passport office I ask him why this delay for renewing the passport at that time he told me bring all the documents, give in the counter, morning and evening you can have it. that’s simple.
            I ask same question to the counter lady, said I don’t know officer told me that come after 14 days, after 1 week I tried, same thing application is under processing …. again journey started after a week that is 14 days, again same answer still under processing… after 30 days same answer at least let me know how long it will take to get it, no answer we don’t know officer told me it is still under processing after 1 week they gave me my passport.
            HEAD LONG PEOPLE – BRIBERY PEOPLE – TOO MANY AGENTS in HOUSTON AREA This business is going on, they are clear with Dollar amounts for new passport 5000, for renewal 2000, for travel document 500, they will bring out within 2 days.
            They directly asking MONEY as their commission, not bribe, RTI is waiting for somebody complaint, they won’t suggest anything to this kind of people and things, they wait until that happening.

            • And I thought USA is clean with Indian Embassy Dick heads. I searched a lot but couldn’t find many complaints in Indian Embassies in the USA. some of rants were visible but more or less they were for unfortunate circumstances like, Indian passport lost, destroyed etc etc.

              Also new to know that there is open bribing scam going on in the Houston. The rate you mentioned is by far too much.

              Why don’t you file RTI and get the status from both Houston consulate and from the RPO in India? It will at least tell you the reason why it is delayed. And then take action accordingly.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have misplaced the appointment date and time given by PP office for renewal of PP. Kindly describe how to retrieve the same on line? what is the web site address? Thanks

  3. I have to write my GRE exam in 6 weeks for which I require a passport. I have just had my appointment for renewal. Do you think i’ll have a passport by then? This exam means the world to me, so fingers crossed.

  4. sir in my passport my mother name is wrong please tell what should i do ?? if i reapply how much time its should take ??

  5. hellow.

    sir my name is shrasti . and i want to make my passport as soon as possible .
    so pls tell me how much time it take

  6. I had to get my passport re-issued under a new name and I wanted to check out how the HCI works in London. I must admit your blog scared the living daylights out of me. I braved the whole 4 hours I had to wait at the office and submitted my documents. I was handed a collection receipt which stated a date 10 days from then. The collection experience was bizzare. One had to drop the receipt at a closed counter and all one could see was a spooky hand come out and collect it! But I got my new passport, in 10 mins. Perhaps things have improved?!

  7. Hi all,
    My bitter experience with Birmingham Indian embassy.I applied for re-issue of my passport.First they sent my application back saying marriage certificate is not attached,while it doesnt say on their website that marriage cerficate needed for re-issuing passport.anyway I snet application back with marriage certificate and obviouslt I had to pay again £12 for the post.Then I had to contact them after one month becasue there was no news about my passport.I rand them continouslty between 04;30 to 05:30 as per their mentioned contact hours for 4 days and finally on the 5th day they I managed to speak to someone.At the end what they said your signature has changed.Eventhough my signature didnt chage I had to send affidavit mentioning that my signature has changed. finally I recieved my passport after more than 2 months.
    There isnt any sector where there is no corruption in India.In train give oney to TC,in University pay for donation,If police catch you give them bribe.whichever department you go corruption.There is 0% chances that India will progress.
    How can I say proud to be Indian as there is nothing to be proud but corruption everywhere.Can beggar say proud tobe a beggar.NO.
    Some might reply me saying shame on you for my post but HUM LOG ANDHERE ME HAI AGAR HUM YE SOCHE KE HUM GREAT HAI.
    look at our poverty,fighting in between on the nam of cast,religion,state.we are not great friends but we have to be great thats like very very difficult but not impossible.
    In short-Birmingham Indian Embassy is Crap-

  8. i have damaged my passport, mainly the photo so i thought that the best thing to do is re-apply for a fresh one. i have send the application for the confirmation of non-acquisition of British citizenship and was informed that it takes 10 working days to get it.But nowhere is it mentioned on any website how many days it will take for me to receive the fresh passport after i make the application once i get the confirmation. it says in the case of lose passport that it might take between 2 weeks if they can confirm all the details or 3 months if they cant. now, sincei have my damaged passport with all the details, im assuming it will be 2 weeks? Does 2 weeks mean 14 working days or 14 days? Do let me know as I am in a fix! Also does anyone know whether one needs a letter from employer in UK if you’re on a PSW for Schengen? PLEASE HELLLLLLLP!!! I cant go back home till all this is sorted :(

  9. hi my passport in finish in december2012 what can i do
    and i send my application in by post it is all right
    can you give me advice ple
    thak you

  10. Hi,
    I booked my ticket to India by 5th October and I’m returning on 19th Nov. But my Passport is going to expire within the next 6 months.So i can’t travel from India since i didn’t have a valid passport period. I’m planning to renew my Passport through Tatkal. Can anyone tell how many days it take to get my Passport through Tatkal. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Indian passport renewal takes months. there is no proper tracking and even vfs is waste in providing status of application and asks us to contact embassy. and embassy says never contact them. you wont get any tracking number to your mail untill you call them

  12. Hi dear my passport is going to expire with in one month but I need to extend my visa and I need with in one week so what can I do for this

    • Just sleep for 1 more month ;) typical Indian. What have you been doing so far?

      You are totally fucked dude.

      The first thing you have to do is to book a personal appointment at Home office to get your Visa renewed. Try all locations and get the earliest possible date for appointment. It is very unlikely that you will get any slot available within one week. It might take 2-3 weeks to find a free slot. If you are lucky then you might get it in less than one week.

      In any case get the appointment, visit home office PEO center and get your VISA renewed. make sure to carry all your documents and shit load of cash in case you have to pay fine. They also accept cards.

      If you are late then find out how much penalty you have to pay.

      Also make up an explanation for missing deadline, they sill sure screw your arse if you are not clever. Be ready to face racial abuse as well.

      Once your VISA is renewed, read all the posts on this blog to enlighten yourself for the passport renewal.

      If you don’t have any trouble back home then it will be renewed in (x) weeks/months, if you have messed ur life back home then start visiting Neasden Mandir.

  13. Hey, just writing to confirm I applied on 12 oct and got it by 22 nov. but a friend who did so on 15 and have, after much follow up, has discovered only today that the passport is back in edinburgh from Kolkata, but hasn’t been stamped yet so it will possible take a few more days till they call him to collect it. My friend had his

  14. Hey, just writing to confirm I applied on 12 oct and got it by 22 nov. but a friend who did so on 15 and have, after much follow up, has discovered only today that the passport is back in edinburgh from Kolkata, but hasn’t been stamped yet so it will possible take a few more days till they call him to collect it. My friend had his psw on his damaged passport so that may have been the cause of the delay (I have mine on a card and hence my case was more straightforward). A tip: applications in Edinburgh and Birmingham go back to India, so take more time while those made in London are sure to be quicker (4-6 weeks, they say) as the HCI gets it printed in London itself. The Edinburgh consulate did say 6-8 weeks for me and I was very satisfied having gotten a call by the sixth week. But they said 8-9 weeks for my friend though its the 11th week. so its generally best to have time on hand as it could be nearly 3 months as they state on the HCI website. things are in order, but might be a wait if applying from these E or Brum.

    Also Big Tip: ignore UKBA and HCI website and go straight to HCI. We paid £88 pounds per head because UKBA (with a link in the HCI site) asks any indian national to have a non-acquisition of British citizenship document to apply for a fresh passport. This costs £88. When we went to apply in HCI they said we don’t need it! If u have paid for it, stop the payment. The HCI advised the same but it was too late for us. Also avoid edinburgh consulate as you have to get stuff notarised- something they do for you for free at HCI. Don’t know about Birmingham.Hope this helps.

  15. That is strange – I went to HCI, London on 11th Jan 2013 to renew the passport of my child and they asked me to get the British Citizenship Non-Acquisition certificate for the child because the father is a british citizen(I’m). As usual no such information available on the website, so after standing in the queue since 6.45am (to be one of the first to get the interview so I can go to work later)) I got to speak to the honorable.jobsworth for 10secs before he sent me packing.
    So is this just inconsitency among the staff in HCI, London or is this just a different scenario i.e. if you have british parents but indian passport then this non-aqui certificate is needed ?
    Even God cannot tell I assume…only Rajnikanth can answer this :-)

    • We need to get our 5 year old son’s passport re-issued at birmingham and were wondering as to whether we need to provide them with an affidavit notarised by a notary public, regarding change of appearance. Did u have to provide any such form, since the child’s appearanc does change considerably in 5 years time?

      • They will do in the High Commission itself. No need to waste money with Notary.

        Last time when I was waiting in queue at counter No. 7, there was a guy who was bragging that he spent £100 for COA (Change of Appearance) with notary and was happy that he did it outside.

        When my turn came, they just dumped a COA form to me and asked to get it signed at another counter. And If remember it correctly it was either free of charge or I paid £5.

        • Thanks a lot for your reply. But are u sure if they do it at the Birmingham consulate? Moreover, we plan to send the form and passport for my son, by post.

          • I would assume that all High Commissions would do it inside but never trust those “chaprasis”. Never send passport by post to any Indian govt offices.

            If you are sending by post then obviously you need to get COA notarized.

  16. It’s probably because your nationality is British…so did you have to get the letter of non acquisition of br citizenship for your child? I know u can get it from UKBA… It’s a simple form with literally just the name of applicant and the payment leaflet… However it might be different for a minor. They sent us back the first page of the firm with a signature and charged us £88 per head! Ridiculous! Maybe Rajnikanth Should step in!!

    • Yes, I have applied for the non-aqui cert on friday, UKBA website says about 10 working days to process it, so just waiting now , hopefully they will get it on monday and hopefully will send it out straightaway fingers crossed as I’ve booked tickets to spain for half term holidays (my fault did not check the passport expiry before booking flights….lesson learnt)
      It will be a miracle if I get to go now that I’ve read the contents of this website, lets see what happens, there is about a month from now till the flight date.
      Aiming for Friday 25th Jan to be able to visit again to HCI, London. Hopefully they won’t send me back again with further requests for supporting documents.
      Here is the list of what I will be taking with me – App form, 4 passport pics, original passport of child and parents, photocopy of passports of child and parents, non aqui-certificate, 38£ in cash.
      Have I missed anything, let me know please if possible.

  17. Dear sir my passport number G-1235909 taken from chennai but last six years i am living with my family at my native place cochin kerala i want to change my address and also i want to get sealed ECNR stamp which i can produce my sslc certificate and also my new residence proof what i should i do sir please reply me

    Thanks & Regards
    sunilkumar Baskaran Nair

  18. i have personally applied for renewal of Indian passport at Battlefield Building Paddington with VFS. on 11 August 2016. I have still not received the renewal. Has any body got an opinion on this please

    • Seriously? In which world do you live? There is a reason why that fucking country is called 3rd world. You want to get your passport in 2 weeks? I’ve waited for 8 years and spend crores of rupees, court orders then finally I received my fucking passport which is fucking valid only for fucking 6 months. Get a life.

      You have to wait for months, years or whatever it takes. Just keep waiting, Good luck. If you don’t get for 6 months then come back and I’ll tell you rest of process if you can’t find it on this blog which I’ve already explained what to do when you don’t get passport.

      • Yes I did. It’s fucking a new fuck up from these assholes. Wasted another £200 for nothing. In my case it was obvious that I couldn’t apply for a fucking British Passport as I fucking didn’t have a fucking Indian passport. However these donkeys don’t have common sense so they asked for it and I’ve no option but to satisfy their moronic whims. You better get it as early as possible or they will certainly ask and it will cause you delay.

        • In vfs website there no information at all regarding this non acquisition certificate.
          Is the vfs people asking that certificate after going there to submit renewal application could you please suggest me . Actually i was about to go tomorrow morning goswell road VFS to submit my wife application

          • Yes, they don’t provide any information. VFS is run by Indians what else you expect from those donkeys? When you go there and submit application then they will tell you that you need NAC. Don’t argue. Just say that you will provide it later if HCI asks. They will ask you to write an affidavit in this regards, write it sign and submit. Once form is submitted go back home and apply for NAC online immediately as it takes 1 week or so process. Don’t worry just submit whatever fucking papers you have and if something is missing they will ask you write in affidavit anyways. Just say you can’t submit any missing document right now and you will do later if HCI ask.

            VFS are just puppet, their job is to collect fucking papers and pass it to another group of donkeys – HCI. Don’t argue with them as they are fucking parrot and brainwashed monkeys who don’t understand logic.

            Good luck!

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