Appellate Authority Went deaf – Didn’t reply even after 1 week

Further to my complaint against PIO Mrs. Padmaja – False Information Provided in RTI Reply by HCI London – Formal complaint filed with Appellate Authority

I didn’t receive any reply from appellate Authority Mr. C Rajasekhar, Minister (Political, Press & Information).

He has received the e-mail as I’ve the the e-mail read acknowledgement.

It seems these corrupt and donkey arse bureaucrats have become completely deaf and dumb and don’t give a fuck about their work.

2 thoughts on “Appellate Authority Went deaf – Didn’t reply even after 1 week

  1. Hi Grumpy Indian

    Seems we are on the same boat, visit my website, perhaps we can share information. Let me know.

    PS – contact page on your site isn’t working.

    Together We Can…

    • Tx SanJal,
      You are one level above me. I don’t have passport yet, let alone to apply for UK citizenship and surrender the Indian passport… However keep the good work going. Once I come to your level I gonna need more details…

      I’m fixing Contact us page..

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